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Two-in-One: EDS O2D2 - Two Place Pulse Demand Oxygen System!

Mountain High’s newest breakthrough technology is the two-person EDS O2D2 Two Place Pulse Demand Oxygen System. The MH EDS O2D2 is the only portable, two-place, carry-on Pulse Demand oxygen system currently available for general aviation in a single unit.

The EDS O2D2, with the patented digital electronic "Pulse Demand" oxygen delivery system, enables the pilot and passenger to fly at pressure altitudes up to 25,000 ft. with safety and comfort. The EDS O2D2 digital pulse demand system reduces oxygen consumption dramatically. Different from the "standard" constant flow systems, the EDS O2D2 pulse demand system wastes no oxygen during the breathing cycle when oxygen is not being delivered to the lungs. The average user will enjoy a conservative consumption drop of 4 times compared to the constant flow systems. The system operates with two people for up to 50 hours on three AA alkaline batteries.

The EDS O2D2 is small and easy to use, with no flow indicators to watch or manually adjust with altitude changes. Two push buttons cycle the EDS O2D2 through the various modes that automatically deliver the required supplemental oxygen pulses for various altitudes for both pilot and passenger.

A complete EDS O2D2 system includes cylinder, cylinder carry case, primary reducing regulator, low pressure service line, connection fittings, the EDS O2D2, cannulas, face masks and tote bag.