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Dr. Reiner Stemme - Background

Stemme 25 Years

Stemme Newsletter S10-VT Special

Dimensions and Performance

side-by-side Cockpit

Drive Shaft - Propeller - Mid-Fuselage-Engine

Landing Gear

Wing folding mechanism

Navigation with LX-8000 / 9000

Oxygen System MH EDS Modell O2D2

SPOT Satellite Messenger

All-weather Covers - Hail Protection

Aeroprotect lite - Cockpit Cover for a journey

Cobra Trailer

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Surface material

Absorption material

(Canopy, Vertical Tail, Transitions)

Dissociation airplane surface and surface material

Space-Flex Protector (Option)*

Net fabric on the lower surface

Bombardement with Space Flex Protector System

Behavior and effect of the space Flex Protector System by bombardment with ice / hailstone (filmed with high-speed camera)

Testbed CFK-Wing
Projectile Ice / Hailstone
  diameter approx. 25 mm, length approx. 18 mm, weight approx. 16 gram
Printing foil Documentation impact strength and distribution by Fuji Printing Foil

Bombardment 03 Directly on the wing skin without any protection
Speed ca. 55 m/sec., 198 km/h
Result Damage of the wing skin and the supporting foam

Bombardment 04 On Allweather Cover inclusive Space Flex Protector
Speed ca. 52 m/sec., 187 km/h
Result No damages of the wing skin and the supporting foam

Stemme S10-VT, HB-2402, expecting the next thunderstorm.