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Dr. Reiner Stemme - Background

Stemme 25 Years

Stemme Newsletter S10-VT Special

Dimensions and Performance

side-by-side Cockpit

Drive Shaft - Propeller - Mid-Fuselage-Engine

Landing Gear

Wing folding mechanism

Navigation with LX-8000 / 9000

Oxygen System MH EDS Modell O2D2

SPOT Satellite Messenger

All-weather Covers - Hail Protection

Aeroprotect lite - Cockpit Cover for a journey

Cobra Trailer

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SPOT. The world's first portable emergency assistance service.

The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger provides a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when you need it. Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT works virtually anywhere in the world, even where cell phones don’t – all with the push of a button. SPOTS use the GPS satellite network to determine your coordinates and the location - with a link to Google Maps - and pre-programmed messages over a commercial satellite network. And contrary to conventional personnel Locator Beacons cannot only call SPOTS for assistance. Always knowing the exact location, to remain in contact with the love on push of a button and get assistance also outside genuine emergencies. Because it functions to 100% on satellite technology world-wide, it works outside cellular range.
Example of a flight: