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Strausberg - First there was the vision: a new sport airplane, made in Brandenburg. Now STEMME AG celebrates its 25-year old existence - a quarter century! And: has since then over 200 airplanes world-wide in the sky. The technical solution of a new drive shaft system (many said: " Will not function! ")has been connected with an innovative high end glider structure. Today world-wide customers from Germany into the USA estimate these machines. In the meantime STEMME airplanes conquer research and safety's applications. High mountain atmosphere research, hyperfine structure analyses of sea biotopes up to unmanned airplanes demonstrate future orientation.

A Turbulent Anniversary Between Sport Flying and High Mountain Atmosphere Research

Behind this success, highly committed coworkers and a group of private and public investors stand with a long-term investment strategy. They are " the key for successes in the so-called; General Aviation" , which is characterized by a long product life span more than ever by long production development times on the one hand, but afterwards a long product life cycle too.

And last but not least the success carried of the critical and encouraging company of world-wide customers of STEMME - a family with enthusiasm for unusual airplanes: SOG - Stemme Owners Group

STEMME AG - An Offerer of Innovative High Technology Airplanes

STEMME is a successful medium-size German aviation enterprise, 1985 founded in Berlin by Reiner Stemme and innovative joint founders, today with seat in Strausberg - Berlin. The business activities are from the exclusive sport airplane to work airplanes, manned and unmanned, for security to research. At present 50 coworkers are engaged with STEMME. Since 1990 STEMME have sold world-wide more than 200 of its high-quality sport airplanes S10 to an exclusive clientele. Core competency are airplanes with mid-fuselage-engines, which unite outstanding gliding and powered flight characteristics in an airplane (DUAL MODE). The S10 won prices, was used world records set up and for research projects. Market position and product substance form a solid basis for turnover and margin increase. Based on the mid-fuselage-engine technology STEMME has developed for it a product platform TSA (Two Seat Aircraft) for a so far not known in such a way for an aircraft family. It offers the chance for a strong growth touched down on today 5 millions euro total output per annum. STEMME group pursued with the product platform strategic goals in two complementary trading areas: - world-wide market leadership in the upper class the two-seat sport/private airplanes with high diversification - with system partners European market leadership with work airplanes for manned and unmanned remote sensing

High-end DUAL MODE Sports-/Private-Aircrafts - a STEMME Market

With the Highend Touring Motor Glider S10 has Stemme shown the fact that the past technically caused separation between gliders (sketched for best aero dynamics) and power planes (sketched around an engine) can be successfully overcome. With the optimization of powered flight and the soaring flight performances in so far not reached way within an airplane we created a new market - the STEMME MARKET DUAL MODE AIRPLANES. STEMME DUAL MODE SPORT/PRIVATE AIRPLANES meet „the spirit of the time “: They are pioneers in environmental protection. With a typical engine „leisure flight “the S6RT with 185 km/h (100kts) is the fuel consumption with <12l/h - less than half of the consumption of conventional power planes. An innovative exhaust Design lowers the noise emission on „whispering“ (60dBA). And with zero-friction and zero-noise mode you soar in achievement categories like pure gliders (record Klaus Ohlmann on S10VT: 2500 km distance in the gliding mode). The distribution of the first platform models began in the year 2008. 2012 the entire program will be at the market.


STEMME cooperated for common production and marketing of complete systems and services with the respected system offerers SAGEM DEFENCE (SAFRAN Group, France) and the German OHB SYSTEM (Germany). In the trading area security STEMME and SAGEM DEFENCE has completed the first unmanned flight successfully with the S15 on 10 June 2009 . Shortly thereafter the Patroller was presented to the public for the first time on the Paris air show in Le Bourget.