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STEMME-Training Flights More and More Possibilities

After the first acclimatizing time with its new airplane STEMME S10-VT owners frequently ask themselves the question, whether and how, they can still improve their use of the airplane. Naturally STEMME offers this "Advanced Training" by their experienced flight instructors, individually and not only in Strausberg, but gladly also in a region of your choice.

We found a marvelous additional reinforcement in the last year. In beautiful Switzerland, in Grenchen, Hugo Dobler offers training courses and briefings for all performance levels on its own S10-VT or a customer machine. With outstanding catering and a hotel at the airport, vacation for the whole family can be connected there with a highly qualified flight training for each performance level under the most diverse possibilities: Flights in the alps, in Central Switzerland, in the Jura and in South Germany, also the French alps are very close.

A whole pallet at fantastic flight regions opens to the pilot from this controlled place. Pilots inexperienced of alpine areas have the possibility of making the alpine briefing with Hugo Dobler in the same cockpit or he is following with his second S10-VT and remains connected by radio. As flight instructor of many years in all categories from the glider to the twin-engine machine, with a large own flight school and as an airline pilot Hugo Dobler has us also during the flight and in the alignment of the procedures on STEMME S10-VT perfectly convinced.

So we can there to our customers an almost singular possibility recommend for perfecting your aeronautical abilities.

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