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              Silence...Serenity...Safety !

Sky King Soaring has established a new working relationship with BellStemme. We are glad to offer Flight Training and Sales Representation especially for the new Stemme S6 motorglider . Sky King Soaring ! has received a brand new S6-RT (the first in the US) in spring 2013. First orders will be accepted right now!.

Sky King Soaring
! offer scenic air tours and soaring rides originating from the Payson Airport just south of the Mogollon Rim in the pine country of Arizona. By appointment, we offer scenic soaring flights out of Sedona.

We also specialize in personalized motorglider flight training throughout Arizona and the United States in your own touring motor glider, i.e. Diamond, Stemme or Super Ximango. Sky King Soaring! flies a nearly new tricycle gear Diamond Xtreme Motorglider, which is unparalleled as a glider trainer or as a delightful touring platform.


Whether you're an airplane pilot seeking a glider add-on rating, or if you just want to experience the best way to see what makes Arizona so beautiful, Sky King Soaring can take you on the adventure of a lifetime!  Give a Sky King Soaring Gift Certificate for the flight of a lifetime to your significant other, husband, wife, child, the perfect gift! 


Why we love soaring:

"Soaring (or Gliding) flight is so very different from airplane flight, almost a polar opposite. Airplane flying is usually directed at getting somewhere in as little time as possible. Soaring flight's goal is just to get there silently in the cool air, and have fun in the process! It's relaxed flying, just like the motionless in the turn. Soaring is exhilarating to be able to climb aided by the rising air, using your own bird like instincts while not depending on one drop of fuel. Soaring is like being a surfer riding the big wave, accelerating forward to the beach while standing above the water. Soaring is like sitting on gondola-like wings and feeling on top of the world."



Reservations:  +1 (602) 622-2257

Russ Hustead, CFIG, Owner  




Sky King Soaring, LLC, Member, Better Business Bureau

Featured on Good Morning America, July 2006, Top 5 Thrills in the Air

 National Geographic Adventure Magazine, July 2006, Recommended #1 Soaring Ride in America