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Sky Sailingtm, Inc.  


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Sailplane (Glider) Rides

World Leaders in the Sport of Soaring since 1959


Soaring is the sport of flying Sailplanes

(also known as Gliders).  

Sky Sailingtm, Inc offers


 glider rides, rentals and instruction.


Garret Willat and Hunter Ellis

Garret Willat

Fly with two time U.S. soaring team pilot Garret Willat in a high performance motor glider Stemme S10vt for the day in beautiful Warner Springs California. While the experience is tailored to your personal needs this is your chance to experience cross country and practice competition techniques from a highly ranked 4000 hour certified flight instructor and team pilot. A great way to prepare for the summer . A re-fresher from not flying most of the winter, to sharpen your skills and improve your Cross Country soaring skills.

Garret will be giving a 1day camp style flying experience. With the use of George Klopfer’s Stemme S10vt we will work on the skills of your choice. We can fly a first cross country, we could emphasize on specific skills, fly a badge style flight or set a racing task and learn start cylinders and turn point tricks. This could be counted for a flight review. This flying combined with the rest of day discussing topics covering glider preparation, mental preparation, tactics, and different flying skills.

Garret is a 3 time member of the US Soaring team, twice as pilot. He is a full-time flight instructor and towpilot for Sky Sailing with over 4000 hours in gliders. Flown in many national and regional contests, including winning in standard class at the last region 9 contest, flew to a second place at the Australian junior nationals. Was coached by 3 time world champion George Lee at one of his junior training camps see Feb 2005 Soaring for a full article.

This incredible opportunity is for you to fly one of the most sophisticated sailplanes today and to help support the US Junior Soaring Team. With the engine on, the S10-VT has cruise speeds of up to 140 knots (160 MPH). With the engine off, it glides up to 50:1.

SOG-Member: Bret Willat

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