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Switzerland - LSZL Locarno - Engadin

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On a day with difficult thermals condition we used the Rotax to climb over the clouds in the Tessin (Southern Switzerland) and scanned the sky for a region we can soar. Mid of August the Engadin is still an area with good conditions. After nice thermals over the mountains in the Engadin we glided back through the clouds to Locarno. To see the shadow of the Stemme in middle of a halo was a special experience. It was once again a day for a Stemme - to reach a region with gliding conditions instead of staying on the ground.

On the map you see our way from Locarno through the Valle Leventina to Nufenen Pass where we startet gliding.

The lakes in the Engadin and their colours are allways fascinating.

Enjoy our flight on Youtube.